February 19, 2018

Powerball Syndicate How To Join

Why Choose to join US Powerball for your syndicate

Poweball Syndicate Join

In our previous article we mentioned that US Powerball is one of the most exciting and one of the richest lotteries in the world.  

Before you join a syndicate you must examine the winning lottery strategies adopted by the system, the jackpots involved and systems used to increase your odds of winning a prize. 

There are two aspects that make the game very attractive, especially to lottery syndicates, group players, lotto group players and also those who like to join workplace and office lotto pools.

  1. The large prizes and jackpots. US Powerball has consistently produced attractive large payouts and jackpots. 
  2. Lower number of selections involved. Compare it with some of the European lotteries games and other US major jackpot producers, and you will soon realize that because of the lower selections involved in the game your players group will get higher chances of winning a prize.

 For example:

  • SuperEnalotto players pick 6 selections from a pool of 90 numbers
  • US MegaMillions players pick choose 5, from 1 to 56 and the Megaball (1 to 46.)
  • In comparison US Powerball players choose 5 picks only from a smaller pool of 59 numbers and the Powerball from a pool of 35.

The high payouts, the lower selections involved and the low ticket costs make it the ideal lotto game to join for lottery groups who want to maximize their member’s chances of winning a prize dividend.

Why I chose to join the US Powerball 100 Syndicate

Sign Up For An Account Now From Anywhere In The World

I spent the good part of two years searching for a group that would fulfil all the requirements I wanted, and quite frankly I was disappointed on all occasions. I found the behaviour of some of the Lottery companies offering group play schemes, somewhat deceptive and unethical. 

  • For example, forcing me to sign up for long term recurring subscriptions and even hiding the recurring charges.
  • Exorbitant, inflated, insane prices charged for tickets.
  • The sale of my E-mail to spammers without my approval. (After joining one group, I was inundated with “offers” from lotto related shonky products.
  • The inability to pick my own numbers.
  • Too many members in the system diluting my shares.
  • Shall I go on …. :-)

How does US Powerball syndicate work?

Powerball 100 Syndicate

After so many bad experiences, I opted out of group play, until I was introduced to my current system

Here are the benefits that I was looking for …

  • No joining fees and no over the top requirements. Validating my account was quick and easy to do.
  • No recurring subscriptions or expensive entry fees. I play when I like and for as long as I like.
  • I can pick my own numbers
  • I play with 100 other members.
  • Very smart and equitable payouts systems. If my ticket wins the jackpot I get to keep 50% of the prize money and the rest of the group members divide the remaining 50% equally.
  • Lowest ticket prices I have found online.
  • I can purchase tickets privately. If I do not wish to join a group, I can order them online at an extremely competitive price.  Considering that some online ticket sellers put a 100% mark-up on lottery tickets, I am very happy about the price I pay.
  • Extremely simple and easy to join and use members’ desktop.
  • Professional system that keeps me informed of all aspects of my group’s activities, results, costs per game, play slips reports, winning prizes, and prize dividends via E-mail.
  • Online syndicate planner, which lists all the numbers played by the members who choose to join my group.

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